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Major banks prep their own mobile payment apps

mobile paymentsThe apps could prove to be a major competitor for Apple Pay and competing products.

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Bitcoin trader admits unlicensed money transfers

BitInstant BitcoinThe operator of an exchange for the virtual currency Bitcoin has pleaded guilty to running an unlicensed money transmitting business.

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Lightning Strike Taps Bitcoin ATM For Ultimate Withdrawal

LightningJust days before Apple welcomed the world's most popular bitcoin wallet, Blockchain, back into its App Store, a lightning strike took out Arizona's one and only Bitcoin ATM.


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Let's Face Facts: Mobile Wallets Are Doomed

square standSquare is the latest example of a struggling industry segment that may never take off.

The other shoe has dropped for Square. The once-hyped mobile payments company is killing off its Wallet payments app and replacing it with a new app called Order, which will allow users to order food and beverages ahead of time at their favorite cafes and restaurants. 

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National Russian card payment system established

russian card paymentRussian President Vladimir Putin signed into law the establishment of a national Russian card payment system on Monday.

The NSPK (National Card Payment) system will ensure the smooth operation of electronic payments across Russia. 

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Sound familiar? Bitcoin exchange Vircurex freezes customer accounts as it battles insolvency

bitcoin The implosion of Mt. Gox has been widely heralded as a sign of a new era of Bitcoin companies, but there are still examples of the unpredictable and shady side of the cryptocurrency world, as developments at Vircurex demonstrate.

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It's Time to Ditch Your Wallet for Mobile Payments

coin productCredit and debit cards have significantly cut back on the amount of cash people carry with them at a given time.

But what if you could reduce the number of cards you carry to just one — or even eliminate your wallet entirely?

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Bitcoin Miners Building 10 Megawatt Data Center in Sweden

10-megawatt data center Facebook has new neighbors in Sweden, and they’re building Bitcoin’s version of the Death Star – a 10 megawatt data center filled with high-powered computers mining for cryptocurrency.

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Many times bitten, retailers scramble to prevent another Target-like meltdown

securityIn the wake of devastating data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus, the nation's largest retailers have launched an initiative to enhance their existing cybersecurity technologies and policies.

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Top iOS, Android, Windows Phone money saving and finance apps

gasbudChristmas is over and done with, but many of us are left with the bill.

What apps are on the market to help you ration your expenses?

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