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China beefs up censorship of instant messaging apps

censor keyboardUnder more stringent censorship, WeChat promises to stop "rumors" from spreading on its instant messaging platform.

The Chinese National Internet Information Office released a new set of rules on August 7 restricting the distribution of information to the public through instant messaging apps.

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Singapore shoppers still anxious about online security

e-shoppingSome 78 percent of Singaporeans shop online at least once a month, but more than half at 57 percent are concerned about their financial details falling into the wrong hands, reveals survey on e-commerce security.

Many in Singapore have expanded their shopping haven to include online stores, but they remain concerned about security breaches and are anxious their financial details would land in the wrong hands.

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Starved of cash, half of India awaits a mobile money revolution

bankingA service like Vodafone's M-Pesa could transform lives for India's unbanked.

In most parts of urban India today, getting an ATM to spit out cash or transferring money through your online account is an afterthought. In rural India, it's a luxury.

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China and Taiwan in first government talks

China and TaiwanChina and Taiwan have held their first high-level talks since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949.

Wang Yu-chi and Zhang Zhijun, the top cross-strait officials from each side, attended the four-day talks in Nanjing. No official agenda was released for the talks, which are widely seen as a confidence-building exercise.

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Why is South Korea plugging unification?

Park Geun-hyeUnification has become something of a buzzword in South Korea this month.

President Park Geun-hye emphasised it in her New Year press conference, the opposition Democratic Party did likewise, and journalists, pundits and government officials have followed suit.

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Paralysed in Qatar: Nepalese workers trapped in Kafkaesque Gulf nightmare

Nepalese migrant workersAs building site falls at the World Cup venue reach 1,000 a year, the kafala system is denying medical care to migrant workers.

Lying half-paralysed in a hospital bed in Doha and drifting in and out of consciousness, 33-year-old Dhana Prasad Gurung has become a physical manifestation of the Kafkaesque nightmare into which badly injured migrant workers can fall when the kafala system that ties them to their sponsoring companies breaks down.

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Japan revises school manuals to set out territorial claims

islandsJapan's Education Ministry says it is revising teaching manuals for schools to set out its ownership of disputed islands.

Minister Hakubun Shimomura said Japan wanted to teach its children "about integral parts of its territory".

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How the role-playing game came to Japan

Henk RogersOn February 10, 1988, a Wednesday, 392 Japanese schoolchildren were arrested for truancy in what a National Police Agency spokesperson described at the time as “a national disgrace.”

Dragon Quest III, a role-playing game (RPG) released for Nintendo’s Famicom games console, sold 1 million copies that day. Its release proved so disruptive that its publisher, Enix, promised the Japanese government that it would release subsequent Dragon Quest games only on the weekend or during national holidays.

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H7N9 bird flu virus: Hong Kong culls 20,000 chickens

H7N9Hong Kong has begun culling 20,000 chickens after the H7N9 bird flu virus was found in poultry imported from mainland China.

All chickens at the wholesale market where the positive test took place were to be destroyed, the government said.

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South Korea rules pre-installed phone bloatware must be deletable

phone bloatwareNew guidelines will require the industry to allow smartphone users the option to delete unnecessary pre-loaded applications, to rectify unreasonable practices and reduce inconvenience.

Smartphone users in South Korea will soon be able to have the option of deleting unnecessary pre-installed bloatware, thanks to new industry guidelines commencing in April.

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