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No Google Wallet for Australia

Google WalletAustralians will not see Google Wallet officially arriving in the country any time soon, with Google ANZ managing director dismissing the plan in favour of "more exciting things".

Australia will not be getting Google Wallet any time soon, according to the company's managing director for Australia and New Zealand Maile Carnegie, who said today that she had more exciting things on which to focus the company's resources locally.

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Five Australian banks face class actions on fees

WestpacAustralian legal firm Maurice Blackburn said on Tuesday it had filed open class actions against five banks over late credit card fees worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The legal proceedings could become one of Australia's biggest ever class actions, including hundreds of thousands of customers.

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Stripe takes on PayPal launching in Australia

online shoppingStripe has launched in Australia aiming to take on PayPal and to be a solution for merchants not only at checkout but to run their entire business.

With operations already running in the US and UK, online global payment solution Stripe said on Tuesday it is entering the Australian payments markets.

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Australia Great Barrier Reef dredge dumping plan approved

Great Barrier Reef Australian authorities have approved a project to dump dredged sediment in the Great Barrier Reef marine park as part of a project to create one of the world's biggest coal ports.

The decision was made by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

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Manawatu school removes wi-fi over cancer fear

 peter griffinTwo Manawatu fathers have won a major battle in their fight to have wi-fi removed from their local school, TVNZ reports.

Fathers Damon Wyman and David Bird have been leading a campaign to remove the wireless networking from Te Horo School and replace it with cable-based internet due to concerns it could cause cancer and other health problems.

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Indonesia recalls Canberra ambassador as phone-tapping diplomatic row grows

Indonesia-recalls-Canberra-ambassadorJakarta reviews links after documents reveal Australian agencies targeted phones of president and his wife.

Indonesia has recalled its ambassador to Australia and is reviewing all co-operation with the country after revelations that Australian spy agencies attempted to listen in to the phone calls of the Indonesian president and his inner circle.

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Australia spied on Indonesian President

surveillance-cameras-spying-security-eye-privacyPresident, wife and inner circle tracked. 

Australia tracked calls by Indonesia's president, documents leaked by defence contractor Edward Snowden reveal. The nation's top spy agency the Australian Signals Directorate tracked phone calls made and received on the mobile phone of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for 15 days in August 2009.

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Australian Bitcoin bank hacked: $1m+ stolen

Australian-BitcoinA four-month-old Australian Bitcoin bank holding more than $1 million has been hacked, leaving thousands of customers in the lurch including a man who claims he was holding the virtual currency to buy a house with his girlfriend.

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Spy expert says Australia operating as 'listening post' for US agencies including the NSA

NSAA veteran spy watcher claims Australia is playing a role in America's intelligence networks by monitoring vast swathes of the Asia Pacific region and feeding information to the US.

Intelligence expert Professor Des Ball says the Australian Signals Directorate - formerly known as the Defence Signals Directorate - is sharing information with the National Security Agency (NSA).

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Australia fire crews face extreme weather in NSW

australia in fireMore than 3,000 firefighters in Australia are battling devastating bushfires raging across New South Wales as weather conditions worsen.

"This will be as bad as it gets," Rural Fire Service chief Shane Fitzsimmons said, adding there was "real potential for more loss of homes and life".

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